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Cloud Hosting

When we describe web hosting to new users, we use an example of a building complex to make it easier for them. Think of a building complex with twenty apartments for example. You’re looking for a new apartment, maybe because you’re tired of the services you’re getting from your former provider or just because you want a fresh start. We provide you with a flat in our apartment and you get to share common resources with them and have some of the coolest neighbours. Curious about what cloud hosting is?

The Leanstack Mission

However, you may want to take over the entire complex and have it to yourself. That way, you have more access, full control and no more shared resources to go. That’s why we’re announcing this new product which allows you to do all of this. Let’s call this cloud hosting.

With cloud hosting, you’re able to get control and flexibility when your business needs it. You are also able to spin up your choice of a virtual machine as fast as possible. Apart from these, the standard configurations provide flexibility for you to build, test, and grow your app from startup to scale.

What Features Does Cloud Hosting Come With?

  • Fast: With cloud hosting, you’re able to deploy in seconds. It becomes easier for you to spin up a server with just a few clicks.
  • 99.9% Uptime: We’re reliable and we’ll ensure that your servers are up and running.
  • Global Availability: Because you’re a landlord literally, you can choose from multiple datacenter locations — whether it is New York or San Fransisco or London or even Amsterdam, we’ve got you!
  • Full Control: You also have full control of every aspect of the servers as we earlier mentioned. You’re a king and should be treated as such.
  • Security: Our platform is secure and we’re working on providing tools to ensure that you treat the security of your server as secure as possible.
  • Solid State Drives: 100% high-performance solid-state drives for optimum performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between shared web hosting and cloud hosting?

As we explained earlier, with shared web hosting, you’re basically splitting apartments with co-tenants. That means you get to share space with a few people. In a situation where you have someone who is a noisy tenant, all the attention comes to him and you may have to fight for your peace and quiet. However, with cloud hosting — you’re entitled to the whole environment and your own fair share of resources without competition.

How do I know what plan to pick?

If you’re not sure, we recommend that you start small and work your way up. You can resize your machine up or down at any time, so there’s no pressure. You can also send us an email — to help out.

Do you offer backup services?

Yes, we do. However, it comes at a token. You can set it up when configuring your server or add it at a later date from your dashboard.

Would I be able to resize my server after setup?

Yes, you will. You can also start small and work your way up. You can also send us an email — to help out.

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