Why You Need A Domain Name For Your Business

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Domain Name

A custom domain is a unique branded name that identifies a website. For us at Leanstack for instance, our custom domain is leanstack.co. When we think of it, it’s like our own apartment on the internet. We currently have it to ourselves and we don’t share. Think of the guys at Jumia, as well. Their custom domain is jumia.com.  

We use these custom domains every day to navigate around the web and you probably have some memorized or bookmarked. They’re not like WordPress or blogpost sub-domains and they’re more direct.


It is very important for businesses to think of having a custom domain, especially in this day and age. Here are some reasons

Professional Credibility

Having a custom domain name helps you make your business more trustworthy and this is good especially with the high increase in phishing and scams out there. This instantly gives you an edge over competitors and separates you from the millions of websites.

Also, with your domain name, you get email addresses for your business that allows you look professional. You can get emails like hello@leanstack.co and not leanstack@gmail.com which already doesn’t evoke trust from a business.


Everything is going digital today and you never know where your next customer may come from. Having a domain helps you reach out to more people organically, get some traction and awareness for your business and lead to conversions as well.

Get your desired domain name and create your online presence today

Brand Building

Your business having a customizable domain sets it out as forward-thinking, savvy and helps you with your reputation management online. Imagine referring your family members to save on Piggyvest if it had a WordPress sub-domain. That already sounds very fishy and not trustworthy.

New Customers and SEO

Once you develop and feed your website with content, your website becomes recognizable in search engines like Bing and Google which draws more eyes to your website. For this, it will need excellent quality content, backlinks, and inbound links.

Control and Security

With custom domains, you are in control of the data for your business. There are more security measures put in place for you and permissions can be created as you deem fit.

These are some of the reasons you need a custom domain for your business. Let us help you get a new domain name today. You can as well transfer your existing domain names to us. To get started, click on this or send an email to support@leanstack.co

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