How To Earn Referral Bonuses On Leanstack

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Referral Bonus

Here at Leanstack, we’ve always emphasised on spoiling our customers with enjoyment and just allow them to relax and enjoy the great customer support that we’ve promised. So it’s very reassuring when customers refer their friends and family to use our platforms. Whether it’s domain purchase, or cloud hosting or even web hosting, we always enjoy receiving new customers that were recommended because it means we’re doing something right. (And that’s why we’re introducing referral bonuses)

Leanstack Referral Bonus

Today, we’re announcing a robust referral program that allows you to earn some commission when you tell your family and friends about us. It makes sense that all the good publicity you do for us doesn’t go unnoticed and definitely not unrewarded.  

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What Do You Get When You Refer Someone?

When you make a referral on Leanstack, you get a whopping 10% of the referred purchase capped at N2000. So, take for example, your friend buys the small teams plan that goes for N12000 annually, you’ll get 10% which is N1200 in your account towards your next purchase on Leanstack. 

What Does The Referred Get?

Obviously, we won’t leave you out to dry so we’re offering another 10% to your friend when they make a purchase. All they have to do is make use of your promo code so that you can get the bonus.

How Do I Get My Bonus?

Every Leanstack user has a unique referral link that has been generated for you. This link can be accessed via our web app. All you have to do is 

  • Login to your Leanstack dashboard
  • Go to ‘referrals’ and you’ll be able to find your referral code and the invite link
  • Send it to your family and friends.
  • Once they sign up, you’ll be able to see them from your dashboard. You only get the referral bonus once they make a purchase.

Terms and Conditions

  • To earn your bonus, the referred has to make a purchase. If they don’t, you’ll be able to see that they used your code but haven’t made a purchase.
  • Please note that your referral bonus is capped at N2000 
  • In the event that there is already an existent promotion for new users, the referred will be offered the general discount for new users

Now that you have a full understanding of our new referral program, what are you waiting for?

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